Sound Studio crashes when I try to save in MP3.

Older versions of Sound Studio require you to install the free and open-source LAME MP3 encoder framework to save in MP3. Sound Studio is crashing because it cannot find LAME. Update to the latest version of Sound Studio, which now includes MP3-saving and does not require you to install the LAME framework. 

If you want to continue using an older version of Sound Studio, download the LAME MP3 Encoder (a direct link is also available on the Felt Tip Download page), and double-click to launch the installer and go through the quick installation process. Then, quit and relaunch Sound Studio and check for MP3-saving.

If you already have LAME installed and Sound Studio is still crashing, LAME may not be installed correctly or you have an older version of LAME. Try deleting LAME framework files and then reinstalling a new copy of LAME. The LAME framework files are in the Library/Frameworks directories. Go to Finder > Go > Computer > Macintosh HD > Library > Frameworks. Then, delete the LAME.framework file(s). Then, download and install the LAME MP3 encoder.

If you're still having problems with MP3s, email us at so that we can help you resolve the issue.

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