I have an older version of Sound Studio. How do I save in MP3?

MP3-saving is now included in Sound Studio version 4.9.0 and later! 
If you have an older version of Sound Studio 4, please update for free to the latest version so that you no longer need to separately install the LAME framework.

If you're using an older version of Sound Studio 4 that you purchased from our Felt Tip Fastspring store and you want to continue using this older version, you'll need to install the free and open-source LAME MP3 encoder framework to allow you to save in the MP3 format. You'll need to separately download the LAME encoder. After downloading the file, double-click it to launch the installer and go through the quick installation process. Once installed, quit and relaunch Sound Studio and check for the option to save in MP3.

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