Troubleshooting: Error message says "app is from unidentified developer."

You may get a notification that Sound Studio "can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer" or that Apple cannot "check for malicious software." Apple has increased its security in newer macOS versions, particularly in Mojave and Catalina, which can prevent you from opening third-party apps (particularly older versions of software such as older versions of Sound Studio) downloaded from the internet. It doesn't necessarily mean that the software is malicious. 

There are two ways to bypass this security alert:

Try going to your System Preferences > Security & Privacy. Click on the General tab and you should see a note in the bottom of the window that will allow you to open Sound Studio.

Or, when launching a version of Sound Studio for the first time, right-click on Sound Studio and choose Open. You will then get the security alert with an option to open the app.

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