What's the difference between the version of Sound Studio in the Mac App Store and your version of Sound Studio?

The features of Sound Studio are the same whether you purchase from the Mac App Store or from our Felt Tip Fastspring store. However, there are a few logistical differences:

  • Mac App Store apps are subject to Apple's "sandboxing" security regulations, so some third-party software may not work with Sound Studio. For example, sandboxing could affect your third-party audio unit plug-ins if they have not been updated to be sandbox-safe.
  • You will have a license code if you purchase Sound Studio directly from us. You will not need or have a license code if you buy the app from the Mac App Store. Instead, Sound Studio will be tied to your Apple ID. This means that if you ever need to download Sound Studio again on a new Mac or recover the app for any other reason, you can download and install it directly from the Mac App Store at no extra charge.
  • If you purchase from the Mac App Store, updates will come from the Mac App Store. If you purchase directly from us, updates will happen within the app. See Check for Updates in the Sound Studio menu if you purchased Sound Studio directly from us. You can also automatically get updates by checking a box in Sound Studio's Preferences.
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