The license code retrieval doesn't work / I can't find my license code.

There are a few reasons why our license code retrieval system may not be able to find your license code:
  • You may have purchased Sound Studio 4 under a different name or email address. If you used an old email address and need to update your email, please contact us at
  • You are looking for your license for Sound Studio 3 or older. The license code retrieval system only works for Sound Studio 4, which is a paid upgrade from Sound Studio 3 to help us cover technical support, bug fixes, new features, and ensuring compatibility with the latest software. If you're looking for your Sound Studio 3 license, you will likely have it in an email from Freeverse or it would be in the physical box that came with the Sound Studio 3 CD. We cannot retrieve old Sound Studio 3 license codes (Sound Studio 3 hasn't been updated since 2009), but if you have your old receipt or expired license code, send it to us at and we can email you a new one.
  • You purchased Sound Studio 4 from the Mac App Store in 2010 or later. Apple administers the Mac App Store sales, so we can't see your purchase information. If you bought from the Mac App Store, you don't need nor will you have a license code because the app is linked to your Apple ID. Delete the trial version of Sound Studio 4 on your computer and then log into the Mac App Store and install Sound Studio 4 (it's a free download if you've purchased the app before).
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